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Start thriving, not just surviving, with PCOS and manage your symptoms without restriction for LIFE.

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We know you’re feeling overwhelmed about your diagnosis. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about PCOS, what it means for you and how you can manage your unique symptoms. You may have been given little to no advice, or just told to lose weight or go on the contraceptive pill.


We don't recommended weight loss at The PCOS Collective. Unlike other fertility for PCOS programmes we will not be forcing anti-fat, weight-centric views on you (because they will not help you improve your symptoms!). Our advice is always non-diet and compassionate.


We don't just offer nutrition and supplement support. Our education hub is built to provide a holistic approach to PCOS and your wellbeing. Access stress management, sleep hygiene, joyful movement, gentle nutrition and more in our education hub.

Hi, I'm Alex Okell

I've worked with hundreds of people living with PCOS and supported them to manage their symptoms and improve their chances of conception.

I am the Founder of The PCOS Collective, a Reproductive Health Nutritionist and the author of Eating Intuitively for PCOS.

I created The PCOS Collective because when working as a private practice nutritionist I saw that my clients all had one thing in common – they were sick and tired of being ignored, spoken-over and preached to about their PCOS. They are looking for compassionate, inclusive care that gets results – and that is exactly what The PCOS Collective aims to do.

Now we have a team of PCOS nutritionists and dietitians ready to create free articles, eBooks, programmes and see you in our virtual clinic.

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