12 days of PCOS

We are celebrating the holiday season with twelve days of support, discounts and freebies!
Everyday at 8am GMT from 11th December to 22nd December you can expect a new gift from The PCOS Collective.

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Day 1: Understanding PCOS Free eBook

A 13-page guide to go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered with your PCOS diagnosis.

Day 2: Eating Intuitively with PCOS eBook

A step-by-step guide to manage your PCOS symptoms with Intuitive Eating and discover a more nourishing way to live.

Day 3: Listen to The PCOS Collective podcast

Dive into the podcast archives and listen to E2: Why Diets Don’t Work with Emma Green PhD – the most listened to episode of 2023!

Day 4: PCOS Supplement Audit

A tailored PCOS supplement plan from one of our Registered Dietitians in just 72 hours.

Day 5: PCOS Lab Test Guide

A free PDF with all the lab tests that may be used to diagnose PCOS and exclude other conditions.

Day 6: Not Your Average Meal Plan

PDF guides to empower you discover how to nourish your body in a way that suits your body, lifestyle and symptoms.

Day 7: Save on Symprove

Symprove is our favourite gut health supplement. Its unique water-based delivery method helps you to get 10 billion units of good gut bugs every single day.

Day 8: Essential PCOS Clinic Package with Alex

Save £100 on the “Essential” 1:1 Clinic Package with Alex Okell ANutr. Get access to 1 x 60-minute call and 1 x 30-minute call plus follow-up reports and resources. Calls to be taken in January or February.

Day 9: Advocate for Yourself at the Doctors Guide

A free PDF with support to advocate for yourself at the doctors to get the care you deserve.

Day 10: Intuitive Eating Masterclass

Love the idea of eating intuitively but not unsure of how it actually works in practice? This practical workshop will help you to reach food freedom and start eating intuitively with PCOS.

Day 11: Save on Time Health

Time Health is one of our favourite supplement brands and you can save on their best PCOS products using our code. Look out for their Inositol, vegan Omega-3 and magnesium supplements – some of our favourites!

Day 12: Daily PCOS Ovulation Tracker

The digital Daily PCOS Ovulation Tracker is your essential tool for tracking ovulation symptoms, BBT, cervical mucus and daily habits.

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