Bespoke PCOS Supplement Audit

A tailored PCOS supplement plan in just 72 hours

This is for you if...

You feel overwhelmed with all the PCOS supplements being recommended out there
You are hoping to conceive but are unsure which supplements can support you (and which are BS!)
You have a plethora of PCOS symptoms but don't want to take 100's of pills to feel better
You are ready to take control of your symptoms rather than your symptoms taking control of you

We know that...

There are so many PCOS supplements being recommended by Google, and TikTok gurus but you don't know what is legit
You feel overwhelmed and confused about inositol, NAC, berberine, omega-3... oh my!
You want a bespoke plan that is tailored to your unique symptoms

PCOS supplements don't need to be so complicated

- Alex Okell, Founder of The PCOS Collective

Introducing: PCOS Supplement Audit

A bespoke audit to give you clarity on which supplements, specific to your PCOS symptoms, are best to manage your unique PCOS.


We ask you to complete a comprehensive form upon purchase so we can understand your symptoms, medical history, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, supplement regime and medications. We take all of this into account when creating your bespoke audit.

How does it work?

⭐️ Purchase your audit at the link below

⭐️ Upon purchase, you will be redirected to complete the comprehensive form [will take 10-20 minutes] 

⭐️ One of our Registered Dietitians and PCOS Specialists will create your bespoke supplement audit

⭐️ Within 72 hours you will receive your personalised PCOS supplement audit

⭐️ You will know the exact supplements bespoke to your symptoms that can support your PCOS management

Your Investment


Hi, I'm Alex Okell

I've worked with hundreds of people living with PCOS and supported them to manage their symptoms and improve their chances of conception.

I am the Founder of The PCOS Collective, a Reproductive Health Nutritionist and the author of Eating Intuitively for PCOS and my clients range from people looking to reduce symptoms of hyperandrogenism to those looking to improve their fertility.

My clients have one thing in common – they are sick and tired of being ignored, spoken-over and preached to about their PCOS. They are looking for compassionate, inclusive care that gets results – and that is where I come in!

As a PCOS and reproductive health expert your PCOS journey is in safe hands.

You can have a regular cycle without the pill

- Alex Okell, Founder of The PCOS Collective


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