Where to buy spearmint tea UK: Top Five Teas for PCOS

Spearmint tea is a tasty mint drink but did you know it may have benefits for PCOS? It can tricky to find in the UK but this article shows you where you can buy spearmint tea in the UK.

What is spearmint tea?

Spearmint is a herb from the mint family. Although it may appear similar to peppermint, it is sweeter and smoother.

Does spearmint tea have benefits for PCOS?

In short, maybe! There is some emerging evidence that drinking spearmint tea may help lower androgen levels. This may help with androgen-specific symptoms of PCOS like hirsutism, hair loss on the head, acne and oily skin. Find out more about the benefits of spearmint tea for PCOS.

Where can I buy spearmint tea in the UK?

Pure spearmint tea (i.e. one that hasn’t been mixed with other mints like peppermint) can be hard to come by.

In the UK, most supermarkets do not carry 100% spearmint tea, so it may be more helpful to buy it online from retailers like Amazon. Scroll down for our top 5 best spearmint teas for people with PCOS.

Top 5 Best Spearmint Teas for PCOS

There are so many teas online for you to investigate and purchase. But we advise looking for a 100% spearmint tea as many will be mixes of different teas.

Here are five of the best spearmint teas to try for PCOS. Remember, spearmint tea isn’t guaranteed to help with your PCOS symptoms. Although, if you enjoy drinking mint tea then a couple of cups of spearmint tea a day may be worth a try.

Palanquin’s Spearmint Herbal Tea (40 tea bags)

Teapigs Sweet Spearmint Tea (10 tea bags)

Herbal Kingdom Organic Spearmint Leaf Pure Herbal Infusion

  • 100% pure spearmint leaves from Egypt
  • Organically grown tisane – Soil Association certified
  • 25 bags
  • £9.85 on Amazon.co.uk

Buddha Teas Spearmint Tea

Simpli-Special Moroccan Spearmint Tea

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