Stress, Sleep and Rest

PCOS and Stress

Stress can have an impact both on the cause and worsening of PCOS. In fact, individuals with PCOS may be found to have elevated levels of cortisol and additional stress hormones, including being more sensitive to the impacts of stress, compared to individuals without the condition.

Optimising Sleep for PCOS

One of the foundations of self-care is having good quality sleep and enough of it. Not having enough sleep can result in feeling fatigued and having mind fog throughout the day but for people with PCOS, a focus on sleep is even more necessary.

Firstly, sleep disturbances are more common in people with PCOS (such as sleep apnea, insomnia and restless leg syndrome) which may be because having PCOS leads to lower quality sleep and/or lower quality sleep exacerbates symptoms of PCOS.

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