PCOS University [Self-Paced Course]

Graduate with your personalised PCOS Plan to regulate your cycle and reduce your PCOS symptoms in less than 2 hours.

Your very own “Netflix for PCOS”, PCOS University will give you the knowledge and tools to go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered to manage your PCOS symptoms.


A tailored PCOS supplement plan in just 72 hours.

A bespoke audit to give you clarity on which supplements, specific to your PCOS symptoms, are best to manage your unique PCOS.

We ask you to complete a comprehensive form upon purchase so we can understand your symptoms, medical history, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, supplement regime and medications. We take all of this into account when creating your bespoke audit.


Not your regular PCOS meal plans, these PDF guides were created to equip you with the knowledge you need to understand the evidence behind eating for PCOS, empowering you to decide how you nourish your body and mind best.

Each guide has over 40 pages of evidence-based, compassionate, non-diet information about eating for PCOS.


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