PCOS for Professionals Online CPD Course

Person learning on a laptop about PCOS

Ready to support people with PCOS?

If you’re a Nutritionist, Dietitian or another allied healthcare professional interested in supporting people with PCOS compassionately, you’re in the right place!

An 8-module PCOS CPD training

This weight-neutral, non-diet, gender-inclusive course will equip you with the knowledge to understand polycystic ovary syndrome comprehensively and compassionately. Upon completion of the course, you can choose to be listed on The PCOS Collective website – this allows people with PCOS to find weight-inclusive, gender-neutral providers and gives you another way to attract clients.

This is a PCOS nutrition course for professionals with a difference. Yes, you will understand the role of food on PCOS but we also focus on stress, sleep, movement, weight science, trauma and so much more.

The Modules

Module 1: Weight Science (why diets don’t work, especially for PCOS)

Module 2: Understanding PCOS (prevalence, pathophysiology, symptoms, causes)
Module 3: Medication and Advocation
Module 4: Supplementation 101
Module 5: Emotional Wellbeing & PCOS
Module 6: Gentle Nutrition & Mythbusting
Module 7: Moving Intuitively for PCOS
Module 8: Working with Trauma with Melanie Hargraves


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