PCOS For Professionals Online CPD Course

Learn how to support people with PCOS with compassionate nutrition and wellbeing advice in just eight modules

This is for you if...

You want to support people living with PCOS in a compassionate, holistic way
You want to increase your understanding of reproductive health to support your clients
You want to specialise in reproductive health, specifically PCOS

We know that...

PCOS can feel complicated - the HPA axis, endocrine system, insulin resistance - oh my!
You feel overwhelmed when your clients ask you questions about berberine, coenzyme Q10 and whether cutting out dairy really works
You've only had a brief lecture (if that!) on PCOS at uni and want to dive deeper

People with PCOS deserve compassionate care

- Alex Okell, Founder of The PCOS Collective

PCOS for Professionals

8 holistic modules with tangible, actionable steps to implement with your clients

This is not just another CPD course collecting dust in your inbox. This is an actionable programme to equip you with the skills to work with people living with PCOS in a compassionate and holistic way.

2 x on-demand bonus masterclasses from guest experts

We’ve brought in experts who all offer a compassionate and inclusive approach to health and wellbeing. These aim to fill the gaps and offer a holistic approach to working with people with PCOS (and beyond!).

Masterclass 1: Working with Trauma with Melanie Hargraves RD
Masterclass 2: Navigating Chronic Conditions Alongside Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders with Shannon Western ANutr MAACPH

Monthly support access

Access our exclusive community calls with support from The PCOS Collective team and your fellow students. Ask any questions about working with PCOS and get answers from PCOS experts.

Enhance your skills, be referred more clients and support more people with PCOS

- Alex Okell, Founder of The PCOS Collective

What makes us different


We empower our students to support their clients through a weight-inclusive lens. No dieting, no restriction, just compassionate care. It's radical PCOS care that works.


You will be able to ask questions to our team on our monthly Q&A calls.


This is not just a nutrition CPD course. We cover ovulation tracking, understanding the menstrual cycle, weight-inclusive care, stress management, sleep hygiene, joyful movement and gentle nutrition.

Inside the Programme

Session One: Understanding PCOS

Let’s take it back to the basics. We explore the menstrual cycle and the endocrine system through the lens of PCOS. Understand the prevalence, pathophysiology, symptoms and causes of PCOS.

Session Two: Treating PCOS

We analyse the guidance from Monash University and how we can put it into practice. We discover the best resources to refer our clients on to and explore our scope of practice.

Session Three: Supplementation 101

The world of PCOS supplements can feel like the Wild West! We dig through the evidence and understand contraindications so you can provide evidence-based advice to your clients.

Session Four: Emotional Wellbeing

Managing PCOS doesn’t just involve medication and supplements. Sleep hygiene, stress management and overall emotional wellbeing is paramount for PCOS management.

Session Five: Pillars of PCOS Nutrition

The PCOS Collective have a nutrition framework we use with all of our clients. We share our PCOS nutrition pillars and discover actionable, implementable ways to weave nutrition into your management plan with your client.

Session Six: PCOS Nutrition Additions

Now we have the nutrition foundations in place we can discuss additions to the diet, as well as myth-bust common misconceptions.

Session Seven: Moving Intuitively for PCOS

Let’s discover the impact of movement on PCOS symptoms. Weaving intuitive, joyful movement into a management plan can help improve symptoms.

Session Eight: Fertility for PCOS

PCOS is one of the most common causes of infertility worldwide. This session focuses on menstrual tracking (including BBT, ovulation signs) and tools to support conception in people with PCOS.

Hi, I'm Alex Okell

I've worked with hundreds of people living with PCOS and supported them to manage their symptoms and improve their chances of conception.

I am the Founder of The PCOS Collective, a Reproductive Health Nutritionist and the author of Eating Intuitively for PCOS and my clients range from people looking to reduce symptoms of hyperandrogenism to those looking to improve their fertility.

My clients have one thing in common – they are sick and tired of being ignored, spoken-over and preached to about their PCOS. They are looking for compassionate, inclusive care that gets results – and that is where I come in!

I am passionate about supporting other wellbeing professionals to offer inclusive, supportive care for people with PCOS – and I can’t wait to help you too! 


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-study programme with monthly Q&A calls.

Live Calls:

  • January – Tuesday 30th at 10.30am
  • Februrary – Tuesday 20th at 6.00pm
  • March – Tuesday 26th at 10.30am

Future dates coming soon!

Yes, anyone who works with or plans to work with people with PCOS is welcome to join us.

No. This course is open to anyone who works or wants to work with people with PCOS. The course is in British English.

No but there will be the opportunity to add on supervision sessions with Alex for an extra fee [more information coming soon].

You get lifetime access to the self-paced course and the community and live calls.

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