Smoothies for PCOS: 7 easy recipes

Drinking smoothies is an easy way to get a lot of nutrients in one snack. But are you bored of your regular banana and strawberry smoothie and want some smoothie inspiration? Our round-up of smoothies for PCOS recipes will make you excited to get blending…keep reading for inspiration!

Can you drink smoothies if you have PCOS?

Absolutely! Smoothies can be a really convenient way to get energy and nutrients into your body. Plus, they are a refreshing and delicious drink. They are perfect as an easy PCOS snack on the go.

There are no foods off-limits if you have PCOS. Instead, there are some gentle nutrition additions that you can add if you feel like that would be helpful to you.

What do I need to consider when making a smoothie if I have PCOS?

If you have PCOS you don’t need to worry when making a smoothie or other snack or meal. Adding guilt, stress and anxiety via your food decisions is actually probably more detrimental to PCOS symptoms than just eating the food. But we know it’s not that simple. If you need support with your food freedom journey and you have PCOS then head to our PCOS providers page. Here you can find dietitians, nutritionists and other allied professionals for support.

All foods fit if you have PCOS. There are some gentle nutrition tips for PCOS that may help with blood glucose stability, satiety levels, inflammation and more.

People with PCOS commonly have insulin resistance alongside their PCOS. Insulin resistance is thought to be both a driver and a symptom of PCOS. Insulin resistance is when cells are resistant to the effects of insulin. This means it’s harder for sugar in the blood (glucose) to be absorbed into the cells.

Therefore, people with insulin resistance may notice carbohydrate cravings, fatigue, trouble sleeping and other issues. Therefore, we can try adding in certain ingredients like nuts, seeds, yoghurt and fermented foods. In addition, we can try building smoothies that contain all three macronutrients to help insulin resistance, blood glucose levels and satiety.

How do I make a smoothie?

Making a smoothie is simple. You can follow a recipe (and we’ve popped 7 of the best below!) or you can just combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, yoghurts etc. with a liquid of your choice in a blender until smooth.

We recommend the Ninja 2-in-1 Blender for easy blending or the Breville Blend Active Personal Blender is a more economical choice.

What can I add to a smoothie to make it more PCOS-friendly?

Although all smoothies are PCOS-friendly because all foods fit into your diet, whether you have PCOS or not. But, there are some additions we can make to your conventional smoothie recipes to potentially help with PCOS symptom management.

Here are our top smoothie additions for PCOS:

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds aren’t only packed with protein and fat, which help slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream preventing an insulin spike, but are also sources of omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to be beneficial for PCOS because they contribute to lowering inflammation, plus they are full of fibre. Fibre helps slow down glucose entering the bloodstream. Fibre also has a positive effect on gut health, cholesterol levels and a variety of other health benefits.

Walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds are all omega-3 filled.


Yoghurt can be a great addition to smoothies. Alongside making your smoothie thicker, creamier and even more delicious, it also can be a great source of fat and protein. Combining carbohydrates (in fruit, for example in the smoothie) with fats and proteins helps prevent a blood glucose spike. Plus, protein is thought to be beneficial for PCOS because it helps boost satiety, which may help with carbohydrate cravings. Fats are essential in our diets for our hormone health so pick a full-fat yoghurt.

Fermented foods

Kefir and cultured yoghurt could be a tart and tasty addition to a smoothie or smoothie bowl. Although more research is needed on their effectiveness, there is evidence to suggest that fermented foods may be beneficial for gut health because of their probiotic properties. There is a potential link between your gut health and PCOS management, although the evidence is limited. So, if they are easily available to you and you like the taste, try adding fermented foods to your smoothies.

7 best smoothies for PCOS

These smoothie recipes are simple, easy to make and look absolutely delicious! Check out our article if you’re looking for more breakfast ideas and recipes for PCOS.

Blueberry beet smoothie

Beets, blueberry and bananas – oh my! This refreshing and oh-so-beautiful smoothie bowl is refreshing and packed full of nutrients thanks to the variety of fruit and veggies included. Enjoy!

Blueberry Beet Smoothie bowel
Property of jillmerkelrd.com

Super fluffy banana protein shake

This smoothie may look like soft-serve ice cream but is packed with 30g of protein! This fluffy smoothie combines proteins, fats and carbohydrates and promises to be a satisfying snack or breakfast.

frothy banana protein smoothie shake
Property of colleenchristensennutrition.com

Super delicious green pineapple smoothie

This isn’t your typical green smoothie. Avocado makes this green pineapple smoothie so smooth and filled with omega-3 fatty acids, perfect to help reduce the inflammation associated with PCOS.

green pineapple smoothie in a glass
Property of jillmerkelrd.com

Spinach apple banana smoothie

Another nutrient-packed green smoothie that doesn’t taste like grass! Hurrah! The added flaxseeds will help you stay fuller for longer whilst adding that all-important omega-3 boost.

spinach apple banana smoothie in a glass with green and white striped straws
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Banana date smoothie

This dessert-like smoothie is packed full of fibre from the dates which also add a delicious sweetness. Almond butter boosts the protein factor to keep you satiated for longer and keep blood glucose levels in check.

Banana date smoothie in a kilner jar
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Creamy cranberry pie smoothie

Speaking of desserts, anyone for some pie? This antioxidant-packed smoothie is filled with fibre, fats, carbohydrates and protein for a balanced snack or meal.

Property of colleenchristensennutrition.com

Triple Berry Smoothie with Granola

The ultimate breakfast smoothie perhaps? This triple-berry smoothie with granola sprinkled on top is certainly a front-runner – delicious!

Triple berry smoothie with granola on top
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