Graduate with your personalised PCOS Plan to regulate your cycle and reduce your PCOS symptoms in less than 2 hours

Your very own “Netflix for PCOS”, PCOS University will give you the knowledge and tools to go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered to manage your PCOS symptoms.

This is for you if...

You can’t remember the last time you ovulated
You have PCOS symptoms like excess hair growth, hair thinning, irregular cycles, carbohydrate cravings and more
You are ready to take control of your symptoms rather than your symptoms taking control of you
You are fed up of feeling exhausted and fatigued all the time fighting against your PCOS
You are ready to build a PCOS Plan to manage your symptoms for life

Work through our actionable PCOS Pathway in just 2 hours via video or podcast feed

The PCOS Pathway is our signature seven-step programme covering:

☑️ Understanding PCOS
☑️ Fertility Awareness
☑️ Medication
☑️ Supplementation
☑️ Sleep and Stress Management
☑️ Gentle Nutrition
☑️ Joyful Movement
…all through a gender and weight-inclusive lens – zero shaming here!

➕ Plus, build your own PCOS curriculum by bolting on Extra Credit modules specific to your symptoms so you can go from surviving to thriving with PCOS!

You can regulate your cycle without the pill

- Alex Okell, Founder of The PCOS Collective

Inside the University:

⭐️ Head to the Library to brush up on Understanding PCOS. Learn the symptoms, causes, prevalence of PCOS and the HPA and HPO axis so you can begin regulating your cycle and improving your symptoms.

⭐️ Time for Sex Ed! This class on Fertility Awareness will help you to understand your cycle, realise the impact hormones have on your body and begin to track your ovulation.

⭐️ A quick visit to the Nurses Office will give you the knowledge you need to speak to your doctors about your Medication options for PCOS.

⭐️ Riiiiiiiing! Head to the Science Lab for your lesson on Supplementation. Cut through the BS and learn how to build your own supplement stack without spending unnecessarily on pricey pills.

⭐️ Zzzzz… let’s go to the Dormitories to learn more about the impact of Sleep Hygiene and Stress Management on PCOS symptoms and begin to learn the techniques to lower your cortisol and keep your low-grade inflammation in check.

⭐️ Meet me in the Canteen for a lesson on Gentle Nutrition. Learn how to build your base plate to curate meals and snacks that will keep you satisfied and fuller for longer, whilst improving your PCOS symptoms.

⭐️ See you in the Gym for a Joyful Movement lesson – PCOS University’s gym classes are the opposite of your high school PE lessons, expect compassion and accessibility so you can unlock regular, joyful movement to improve insulin resistance and lower androgen levels.

Student Fees

Just £147 for 12 months access

Why just £147?

Sharing my signature PCOS Pathway in an affordable, self-paced course has been a goal for years.

I see the pain and suffering people with PCOS go through – the lack of support from their healthcare team is causing harm every single day.

I wish I could work 1:1 with everyone living with PCOS but considering 1 in 10 people with ovaries live with PCOS, I may struggle for time!

That’s why I have created this actionable, evidence-based course filled with the latest scientific evidence and my experience working with 100’s of clients with PCOS for you – so more people can stop surviving and start thriving with PCOS.

Once you’ve worked through the Supplementation lesson in the Science Lab, you will probably save yourself at least £147 a year on unnecessary supplements that have been shilled to you with the promise of “curing” your PCOS.

My non-BS, non-diet and gender-inclusive approach to PCOS is core to PCOS University – and I can’t wait to see you inside.

Extra Credit Modules [included inside!]

Build your own PCOS curriculum by bolting on Extra Credit modules specific to your symptoms so you can go from surviving to thriving with PCOS!

2024 Schedule:

  • January – School Starts!
  • February – Fertility with PCOS
  • March – Skin School
  • April – Hair Loss & Excess 101
  • May – ADHD Academy
  • June – Sleep Science Lab
  • July – Gut Health 101
  • August – Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with PCOS
  • September – Food Freedom Study Centre
  • October – Blood Glucose Levels, Insulin Resistance & Diabetes
  • November – Thyroid Disorders 101
  • December – Winter Break!

Extra Credit Modules are included in your Student Fees and are released on the last day of the month.

Your Teacher, Alex Okell

I've worked with hundreds of people living with PCOS and supported them to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

I am the Founder of The PCOS Collective, a Reproductive Health Nutritionist and the author of Eating Intuitively for PCOS and my clients range from people looking to reduce symptoms of hyperandrogenism to those looking to improve their fertility.

My clients have one thing in common – they are sick and tired of being ignored, spoken-over and preached to about their PCOS. They are looking for compassionate, inclusive care that gets results – and that is where I come in!

As a PCOS and reproductive health expert your PCOS journey is in safe hands and I can’t wait to support you from overwhelm to regular cycles!

So what is included?

Upon enrolment you get access to:

  • The core 7 Step PCOS Pathway self-paced course (also available as a private podcast!)
  • Extra credit modules released every month on topics like fertility, navigating ADHD, finding food freedom and more
  • Discounted supplement audits

COMING SOON: Community access


Frequently Asked Questions

You get instant access to PCOS University.

This programme is open to anyone in the world living with PCOS. The course is in British English.

No, this is a self-paced course.

You get 12 months of access to the self-paced course. You can then renew for another year if  you’d like to continue your access.

If you work with PCOS clients then our PCOS for Professionals course is perfect for you!

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